In Response to the Confusion: Dependence or Addiction

An article popped up on my Facebook newsfeed today it was titled: I’m Dependent on Narcotics; That Doesn’t Mean I’m an Addict. Generally I skim these articles and move on but today was different… I read the comments and actually replied to one as well. The comment that caught my attention was this; Addicts will use any way … Continue reading In Response to the Confusion: Dependence or Addiction

War on Drugs

Cannabis is proving every single day, in labs and living rooms, that it is an effective alternative to opioids, SSRI’s and narcotics with zero risk of overdose. It’s plain to see by the popularity of old anti-drug PSA’s (I am a bit scared by #7 and just plain horrified by #1) and parodies on YouTube, that the war … Continue reading War on Drugs

Grow for Vets: Providing Veterans With the Options They Deserve

Grow for Vets Article: PDF (We encourage you to read the PDF version but for those who would rather not here is the article) Cannabuzz Media heads to the Albany, OR Veterans Day parade to show our support for all veterans but specifically for Grow for Vets Oregon. Cannabuzz Co-founder Thomas Cashman is an Army veteran … Continue reading Grow for Vets: Providing Veterans With the Options They Deserve

Launch Day

So today was launch day, the first official business of Cannabuzz Media. Things look promising and we are completely excited. We are still getting things in order so our focus at the moment is just about getting connected with the cannabis community which has been warm and welcoming so far. At the moment we are … Continue reading Launch Day

Cannabuzz Media

Cannabuzz Media is your ally in the changing medical and recreational cannabis industry. We work with you to expand your business into new markets. Specializing in your online presence we offer services such as; Website evaluation & analysis Shop maintenance for Leafly, Weedmaps, and more Content creation & promotion Social media marketing Social media maintenance … Continue reading Cannabuzz Media